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This is our Signature Cement Candles! They are labeled with custom dust covers and come sealed in a box with a label over the top as seen in the picture. They come in 2 difference scents for wholesale currently, each named after a specific place. Each cement vessel is handcrafted and hand poured. Due to this colors can vary slightly for each vessel but this also means that no 2 candles are the same, they are each 100% unique! These vessels are sealed on the inside with an earth safe finish to ensure that the wax does not seep into the cement. These vessels are easily reused as pots/containers for whatever your imagination can come up with when the candle is finished.

❤ Pike's Place - Named after Pike Place in Seattle, WA. This is a fresh mint, salt air and ocean musk fragrance. It is clean, calm and refreshing.

❤ Oxford St. - Named after Oxford St. in London, England. This is a masculine fragrance with hints of iced vanilla, musk and mahogany.

Cement Candle | Handcrafted

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