Ambre oil has been used for over 12,000 years due to its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. 
Our Ambre essence is a proprietary blend that expands off this ancient oil with a little more complexity because it is subtle but deep smelling like precious words it is also fresh and clean with a slightly smoky undertone.
It is described as a “flirtatious scent” because it increases the body’s sensual flow.

Invoke Essence natural fragrance combines our original Ambre Essence with Jasmine, Neroly, Sandalwood, and a touch of rose.
It is sweet and uplifting but with a musky, woodsy, warm, fresh undertone. It was crafted to smell like being sun-kissed while walking in a garden of exotic blooms.

Solace essence natural fragrance infuses our original Ambre Essence with a tenacious, warm 
vanilla, creating a calming, peaceful blend.
This warm deep sand has a woodsy musk aroma with a light sweet undertone. This essence brings comfort and attraction.

Unmasqued Essence natural fragrance unifies are original Ambre Essence with over 13 essential oils such as frankinense, blood orange, coffee, mandarin red, patchouly, sandalwood, clove, black pepper, and the scent of leather.
All of these ingredients are used strategically to interact with each other to bring out their essence without being overpowering, which is why it is our most complex blend. It is earth and warm while having a sweet and smooth undertone.

Ahnu Essence natural fragrance represents a return to clean, earthy roots of our original Ambre essence.
It is a balanced and transcendent aroma, mixing the sweet tenacious sense of tuberrose and lotus flower with the warm, soft notes of myrrh, tobacco and champaca.
Ahnu Essence is a fresh and spiritual natural fragrance which will simultaneously ground and enlighten you.

10 ml Ambre blends